High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

The High Court has acquitted a man from Malaita Province for murder, after a hearing that has cast serious doubts over the justice system.

Emerald Abba is accused of murdering a young man at Mbokona in Honiara, in February 2010.

He stood trial for three days and was acquitted after it was discovered that police investigators lost the murder weapon and did not take original statements from eye witnesses.

Police investigators also failed to interview another eight to 10 witnesses, who were present during the incident.

In acquitting Emerald Abba in a packed Courtroom on Wednesday, Judge Stephen Pallaras described the case as a result of a systematic failure.

Judge Pallaras also said he would comment to the Acting Commissioner of Police to take to the officers concerned.

Pallaras also told the Court, the Prosecution was unfair to the accused because police should have been asked to properly investigate the circumstance surrounding the death, and not serve witness statements that were not original to the defense.

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