High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

Justice Francis Mwanesalua has adjourned a defence case in relation to the case of a man accused of the murder of another man at Lungga river, East Honiara in 2010 to tomorrow.

In the High Court Thursday last week the accused presented his sworn statement of the incident.

The accused is facing one count of murder in relation to the allegation, which happened between 12 midnight and 1.30am on May 23, 2010 at Tamone settlement at Lungga area.

Prosecution has alleged the accused hit the head of the deceased with an object that caused him to be unconscious and then allegedly carried him to the Lungga river bank and threw him into the water.

The deceased’s body was found by a villager floating near the place it had been dumped.

Hubert Fugui of the Public Solicitor’s office is representing the accused, while Crown Prosecutor Augustine Aulanga represents the State.

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