DPP Ronald Bei Talasasa. Photo credit: SIBC.

DPP Ronald Bei Talasasa. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Ronald Talasasa has defended public prosecutors, saying they do not lack training and have continuous legal training to improve their skills in Court.

Mr Talasasa made this statement in response to High Court Judge Stephen Pallaras who said during a workshop last week that public prosecutors lack training.

But speaking to SIBC News, the Director of Public Prosecutions says his team of prosecutors have weekly legal education sessions every Friday, and public prosecutors also attend training oversea.

“Those areas when identified and sometimes when we do hear comments by the Judge himself in his court we take note and do our best to cover those areas. And this is an ongoing exercise. We continue to cover as much as possible areas that we find prosecutors are in great need of assistance, that are in need of developing so that they can prepare and present their cases well in Court.”

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