Drug shortage hits NRH


Patients waiting outside the Pharmacy at the National Referral Hospital.

The National referral Hospital is believed to be running low on essential drugs.

A number of sick patients admitted at the NRH have reported, their basic doses are not forthcoming.

A patient who wanted his name withheld said he had to seek emergency medication from a private clinic even while being admitted at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Director of the National Medical Store, Mr. Timmy Manea confirmed the shortage of medical drugs but could not elaborate further until he gets permission from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

In the meantime, the National Referral Hospital is believed to be warned to ration medications especially life threatening drugs.

In a separate investigation, SIBC news is aware that an internal email was circulated by the hospital authority related to the drug shortage.

SIBC News will run a separate story on the seriousness of the drug shortage from the Director of Medical Store or the Permanent Secretary of the Health Ministry.

By: Charlie Salini. 


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