Drug shortage nothing to do with money : Houenipwela

Care Taker Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela.

The Solomon Islands Government has spent only 50 percent of its budget for medical drugs in 2018.

Care- taker Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela made this revelation, explaining last year’s drug shortage.

The care taker Prime Minister said, the responsibility to order medical supplies was previously a duty of the National Medical Store.

That process changed mid last year when the Ministry of Health and Medical Services headquarter assume that responsibility- giving rise to the delay, he adds.

Mr. Houenipwela said half of the national budget for medical supplies for 2018 was never used.

“This situation had nothing to do with the budget, it has nothing to do with money,” he said.

“In fact when the issue happened, we spent only 50 percent of the budget, so it was a administrative hiccup.”

He adds, the delay has been fixed.


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