Social media users warned

Police are monitoring online and social media postings ahead of the election of the country’s Prime Minister next week.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force Commissioner Matthew Varley warned people not to post any statement online that might incite unlawful conduct.

Mr Varley said there were officers in place to monitor what people post online, which may incite violence.

“We are monitoring online forums very closely, people need to be aware that what you post on the internet is public, once its out there you can’t take it back, and it might be shared or recirculated ,” he said.

“The RSIPF monitors social media very closely from an intelligence perspective, so we are watching what people are saying and we are identifying some people who might be behind the scenes in trying to agitate for criminal offences.’

Mr Varley also appealed to people to avoid or report to police if they come across such postings.

“It doesn’t matter the means it which that’s done,  it could be online , it could be at a public  forum, or it can be in many other ways, and it is unlawful to encourage people to carry out any criminal acts,” he said.

“So if someone is online trying to encourage a riot for example, that can actually constitute a criminal offence, and we have officers who are looking into the possibility of identifying people who have done this.”

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