Staff of the Ministry and Donor Partners at the consultations. Photo credit: UNICEF.

Staff of the Ministry and Donor Partners at the consultations. Photo credit: UNICEF.

The Solomon Islands Government and Donor Partners have concluded a two-day consultation meeting from May 21-22 that evaluates progress in the Ministry of Education’s delivery of educational services in the country.

The evaluation process was measured against a Letter of Arrangement agreed to by the SIG and the Australia and New Zealand Aid Programs signed in May 2013.

A government statement said the Letter of Arrangement sets performance targets for which financial support is provided to assist the Education Ministry implement the National Education Action Plan 2013-2015.

The National Education Action Plan and the Education Sector Framework are two key guiding documents that set strategic pathways for the delivery of education in Solomon Islands.

At the Wednesday meeting, ongoing key activities carried out by MEHRD were shared and a key presentation was made on the performance of MEHRD against the 2013 targets.

Meanwhile, the meeting on Thursday 22 May involving the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Ministry of Planning and Aid Coordination was set to resolve key concerns identified from the conversation on the previous meeting and to set directions for the 2014-2015 period.

During the discussions, the Ministries of Education and Human Resource Development, Finance and Treasury and Planning and Aid Coordination clarified matters of concern raised over the two day meetings which ended at a high satisfactory note.

The Donor Partners generally expressed confidence at how MEHRD has progressed in 2013 and are in agreement to continue their financial support to MEHRD in the 2014-2015 period.

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