A female working at a community media station. Photo credit: COL.

A female working at a community media station. Photo credit: COL.

Over thirty women working in community media and peace across the country are in Honiara this week, attending a UNDP-funded peace training.

The participants are part of the Vois Blong Mere Solomon network and are being trained on transformational leadership and character education for peaceful co-existence.

Among the training’s objectives, Vois Blong Mere Solomon wants to provide knowledge and skills on gender, peace and character education for peace; to plan a way forward in managing National General Election related conflicts through media and advocacy; and, design a community train-the-trainer peace training manual.

Director of Vois Blong Mere Solomon, Josephine Teakeni told the workshop’s opening yesterday – that their Women for Peace networks needed capacity in the area of transformational leadership and character education, and the training wants to achieve this.

“This week we will also share and participate in discussions on how we as peace makers and implementers of peace building programmes and activities can help our communities. We are going to discuss why it is important to raise our children and this nation in a culture of peace through sessions on character education, our human security and issues and peace media and advocacy as well as yourselves having making your own plans on what you would do after this workshop.”

The workshop started yesterday and will end on Friday.

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