Farmers call for action as catastrophic Rhinoceros beetle hits North Malaita


An example of a coconut tree ruined by the beetle.

Presence of the deadly Rhinoceros beetle in north Malaita has led the farmers in the area to call on the Solomon Islands Government to help them eradicate the pest.

Sighted since last year, the Ward Eight farmers said they were worried for their coconut plantations as copra has been their main source of income.

Speaking to SIBC stringer Lensley Kwaimani, Ward Eight Farmers Association spokesman¬†Samson Eric Lifuasi said they were “really worried”.

“Coconut has been a major source of income for most families in Ward Eight and the future of this main source of income looks dull once the beetle increases in number.”

Mr Lifuasi said the association was looking forward to hearing from responsible authorities regarding control measures for the deadly palm pest.

“The responsible¬†authorities need to formulate control measures to avoid the beetle from spreading further to other provinces,” he said.

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