Fashion. Photo credit: The Guardian.

Fashion. Photo credit: The Guardian.

A fashion show will be held tomorrow at the Heritage Park Hotel to culminate the 2015 Fashion Week.

The event will begin with a dinner before the actual fashion show, where nine local designers will showcase their products.

It is hoped the designers will catch the eyes of potential customers with their creations.

Meanwhile, the message stressed during the Fashion week was that fashion is not only for women but is also a potential money-making business for everyone.

Qila Tuhanuku from the Solomon Islands Arts Alliance says it is important for people to understand this concept.

“What we’re focusing on this week especially is that people have created these things, like tailors, cutting stencils to create prints. In fact, stencils printers are mainly young men and most of them are selling their products at the market and that’s how they make a living, so our key message is that fashion is not only for women, but it can actually help our people to earn money especially when there’s little education, but you have that skill you can still make money for your family.”

Solomon Islands Arts Alliance forms part of the Committee that organises the Fashion Week.

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