Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit:

Map of Makira Ulawa province. Photo credit:

The Makira Ulawa provincial disaster officer, Ruth Timauku has confirmed that out of 20 wards in the province 17 have reported facing difficulties as a result of the dry season.

Mrs. Timauku told SIBC News, of the 17 wards the small outer islands of Makira Ulawa province are severely affected and need urgent attention.

She says some communities in Ulawa, Santa Catalina and Santa Ana are now without water and food.

“The islands are really affected. Currently on Ulawa island especially at the Su’umoli area and Santa Ana, Gubuna, Nasino and Togo and also Aorigi have been severely affected by water shortages especially Gubuna, Nasino and Togo because they are only using dug out wells. Nadagera has a stream so people can go there to collect water.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Timauku adds, her team is planning to send a verification team to the 17 affected sites next week.

She said the team will be deployed to identify the most affected wards in the province.

“A plan we created is to set up teams and then do the verification of the most affected communities so that we can respond according to the scope of impact though we know everywhere is affected, but maybe only a few were severely affected. So we are planning to send out teams next week to verify the situation.”

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