Fed up with floods, White River residents call for better drains


The flooded roadway near Town Ground last week. Photo: Lowen Sei

Residents of White River in West Honiara blame the poor drainage system in the area for serious flooding during the heavy rain last week, and they are calling for the construction of a new system to fix the problem.

White River resident Charles Lesimaoma said the recent heavy rain caused flooding at the school, clinic, police post and playing ground in White River.

“In the valley to these places I mentioned, they were full,” he said. “Especially in the Tikopia settlement, they will use canoes to get to their houses during bad weather.”

And that is because the drainage system has not kept pace with development in the area, Mr Lesimaoma said.

He said the Member of Parliament for West Honiara and the Honiara City councillor for the ward should address the drainage issue as it continues to affect the community during heavy rains.

By Allen Waitara

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