Mayor calls on Bus and Taxi operators to maintain current fares


The planned meeting between Honiara City Council (HCC); Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID); Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labor and Immigration (MCILI) and Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) was held on Tuesday 5th July 2022.

Bus stop in Honiara. SIBC File Photo

This is a Working Committee of the Road Transport Board (RTB) as MID, MCILI, HCC and RSIPF are all members of RTB.

The Working Committee agreed to invite representatives of bus owners and taxi owners to the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 12 July 2022. This next meeting will consider options for bus fares and taxi fares within Honiara City.

During the meeting, the Working Committee agreed that legal or regulatory mechanisms must now be put in place to regulate public transport service within Honiara City.

The Working Committee is pressing towards this in collaboration with bus owners, taxi owners and other stakeholders.’

As part of this expected collaboration, the Working Committee requests bus owners and taxi owners to register as companies so that it would be more effective and efficient to consult and collaborate on issues pertaining to bus and taxi services in Honiara City.

In the meantime, Lord Mayor calls on bus owners and taxi owners to maintain current fares until the Working Committee completes its tasks.

-HCC Press

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