Five masked men use petrol bombs and attacked a couple in Honiara


Five unidentified masked men armed with knives, used petrol bombs and attacked a couple at Kukum on 2 July 2023. 

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force are currently investigating the incident. 

The couple were on their way to tow a car which had a mechanical problem when the masked men armed with knives approached them and threw petrol bombs at their cars. 

It was alleged that the men threw petrol bombs at the two vehicles and started cutting the vehicles with bush knives and threatened to kill them. 

Provincial Police Commander for Honiara City Police Chief Superintendent Jimson Robo  said the husband sustained some burns caused by the petrol  bombs but he is in good condition and is stable. 

Chief Superintendent Robo said the motives behind the incident are still unclear and subject to investigation. 

He said this is a sad incident and it is shocking to see criminals have invented new  ways to harm ordinary citizens. 

Police need communities’ assistance to eradicate such  threats from ever happening again.  

The suspects are still at large and police are appealing to those who may have any  information to assist police investigators.  


Police Media

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