Gender inequality logo. Photo credit: Development Diaries.

Gender inequality logo. Photo credit: Development Diaries.

Women’s representatives from none government organizations and churches have successfully ended a forum to advance gender equality in communities in the country.

A statement from the National Council of Women today said, the half day forum provided an opportunity for civil society organizations to inform each other of their work, and seek opportunities to strengthen coordination and collaboration with each other and the government.

A forum participant, Sister Doreen Awai’asi of the Christian Care Centre said the forum was an opportunity for the Centre to share about the work they do and to find ways of working together on issues around gender and violence against women.

Another participant, Anne Saenamua of the Mothers Union said while disseminating information to communities is important to raise aware of the services and programs available, this has not been done effectively.

SIBC News understands the gender equality forum is part of an EU-funded project to empower civil society to promote gender equality and combat gender discrimination in the country.

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