Game on for Pacific Games Volunteers

Game on for Pacific Games Volunteers

They stand out with their bright yellow shirts and big smiles.

Volunteers are helping to bring the Pacific Games to life in the Solomon Islands.

From meeting and greeting athletes to providing specialist support services, their role is key to making the sporting event a success.

“For me this is a really great opportunity because in a way, I am helping my country out,” volunteer Alexa Indu said.

Jeremy Inifiri, from the Games Organising Committee (GOC) said 3500 people were successful in securing a position as a volunteer.

It’s the largest workforce of the Games.

“As a youth growing up in the Solomon Islands, and a female, I think it’s time that we stand out in the crowd and speak for ourselves,” Ms Indu said.

Volunteers have been trained for a variety of roles, including media liaisons, technical officers and medical personnel.

Many helped to prepare sporting venues for competition.


by Louiseanne Laris


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