Father Mario. Photo credit: SIBC.

Father Mario. Photo credit: SIBC.

Teachers employed by Catholic schools under the Gizo Catholic Diocese Education are now well-equipped with enhanced knowledge on how to better run their schools after attending a first ever planning workshop recently.

The workshop was conducted in Gizo, Moli in Choiseul province and the last one was conducted at the Nila Catholic Mission Station in the Shortland islands.

Workshop facilitator, Father Mario recently told SIBC News the workshop has helped teachers set priorities that they hope to achieve within a given timeline.

“We hope that some of those weaknesses would have been utilised and that would mean checking again, assessing again the strengths and weaknesses and hopefully we’ll get a new set of priorities you know, some will remain. We did our priorities in terms of strength and many of the strength will remain and that process will continue, you know.”

The workshop was organised by the Bishop of Gizo Catholic Diocese.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Gizo Catholic Diocese Education, Rynie Bennett said participants who attended the planning workshop are now more visionary in their planning.

She says with the workshops, they expect teachers to have a mission and vision in their various schools.

“With these workshope we expect teachers to have a vision and mission in their schools and they will be able to work towards them to help the children as well as the community as a whole.”

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