A scenic view in North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

A scenic view in North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

Goulu Primary School in the Lau-Mbaelelea Constituency today received 10 cartons of books from the Rotary Club of Australia for their recently built library.

The Primary School is situated in the Lau Lagoon in North Malaita, and has 265 students attending early childhood to Standard Six with 11 school teachers.

A teacher at the school, Kelly Laufiramo, told SIBC News today, Rotary Club Australia heard about their need for books from two University students from Canada – Jeff and Stephanie – who had personally visited the school.

“The Rotary Club became aware of the need when the two Canadians visited our community and the school, who saw our newly built library. As soon as they hear it is our library they decided to find help in terms of supplying books for the library.”

Mr Laufiramo also said now that the school library has books, each class will have weekly reading days at the library.

“We will make use of our newly built library by allocating days to each class for reading.”

The 10 cartons of books were handed over by the Canadian student, Stephanie to Madam Lingesu Suri in a ceremony attended by the whole school.

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