Sharon Claydon Official Photo. Photo credit:

Sharon Claydon Official Photo. Photo credit:

Australian Federal Member of Parliament for Newcastle, Sharon Claydon, has congratulated the people of Solomon Islands for a successful election last week.

Ms Claydon was part of the Australian High Commission team observing the elections in and around Auki township in Malaita Province.

In a statement, Ms Claydon says she was impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by the local people in taking part in the democratic process to choose the leader that best represents their interests.

She said she was particularly impressed with how many women, young people and people with disabilities turned out to vote.

The Australian Federal Member of Parliament also highlighted she would particularly like to congratulate female candidates that stood in the election.

She said although only one was elected, the other 25 showed great courage and leadership.

She said it is these women who will pave the way for long term change in the Solomon Islands for future generations.

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