MP for Gao Bugotu Honourable Samuel Manetoali. Photo credit: SIBC.

MP for Gao Bugotu, Honourable Samuel Manetoali. Photo credit: SIBC.

The people of Gao Bugotu Constituency of Isabel Province have questioned the development priorities of the National Government for Isabel Province.

Reporting this to SIBC News today, stringer Charles Fox Lemoa says this comes after government fails to deliver its development plan for Tatamba as one of the Growth Centres for Isabel Province.

Mr Lemoa says according to Bugotu chief, Hugh Tazzy Bogese the National government fulfilled a ground breaking ceremony at Tatamba last year but has failed to develop the proposed growth centre.

Chief Bogese adds this is discouraging as the life of the current government will soon be over.

Chief Bogese now calls on the government to quickly provide much needed funds for the growth centre, especially maintenance work funds for the Tatamba clinic and the wharf improvement.

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