Flood aftermath along the Matanikau river. Photo credit: SIBC.

Flood aftermath along the Matanikau river. Photo credit: SIBC.

An Isabel man has called on the Government to declare how it has spent funds meant for victims of the April flash floods.

Landry Losi told SIBC News he is concerned following so many complaints raised by flood victims that authorities are slow in their responses to assist them.

Mr Losi said the Government and responsible agencies should be transparent in their spending for the disaster victims.

“Those of us who are not affected by the floods are concerned especially over the funds being poured into the country in the name of the disaster. We’ve heard that a lot of funds have been poured into the country to support the flood victims and then later on we’ve heard on the radio that funds have ran out, as confirmed by the government. Maybe funds have ran out in the country or otherwise – funds coming into the country. But why is there so much  complaining when funds are still coming in?”

He also criticised the Government’s decision to share 3-hundred thousand dollars to each Member of Parliament in the name of the flood victims.

“We’re also surprised because each Member of Parliament has received 300-thousand dollars for the disaster and maybe the government shouldn’t share this money to all constituencies but only to those affected by the disaster. Whether this money has actually reached the affected people is also another question, and so the government must be transparent in how it handled these funds as we’d like to know.”

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