Craig Hawke and Minister Sandakabatu. Photo credit: GCU.

Craig Hawke and Minister Sandakabatu. Photo credit: GCU.

The Governments of New Zealand and Solomon Islands have today held high-level consultations on their development cooperation.

A statement from the New Zealand High Commission office in Honiara says, discussions were focused on the progress of the joint commitment the two countries signed in 2011 for development.

Deputy Secretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Head of the New Zealand Aid Programme, Craig Hawke says New Zealand is committed to supporting sustainable economic development in Solomon Islands.

He says the consultation has been an important opportunity to take stock, review the progress that the countries have made together, and ensure that development priorities remain well aligned.

The Deputy Secretary adds, it has also been an opportunity to discuss new initiatives and potential areas of cooperation for the future after the April disaster the country has suffered.

Meanwhile, Minister of Development Planning and Aid Coordination, Connelly Sandakabatu says, the consultation has highlighted the positive progress Solomon Islands and New Zealand have achieved under joint milestones within the Partnership.

Minister Sandakabatu adds, the government will continue to implement appropriate reform programmes to ensure its commitments are effected in an environment which are inline with international good practices to address the country’s national development strategy priorities.

New Zealand’s Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Craig Hawke leads the New Zealand team to the consultations.

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