European Union EU flag in the wind. Photo credit: EU.

European Union EU flag in the wind. Photo credit: EU.

The European Union, EU, will soon have an Ambassador in Solomon Islands.

The Director for the European External Service in the Northeast Asia and Pacific, Sabathhil Gerhard was here last week to celebrate EU Day and also held a political dialogue with the Government.

Speaking to local journalists, Mr Gerhard announces, EU has decided to upgrade their presence in Solomon Islands.

“I just like to announce officially that we have decided that we upgrade our representation here. As you know up to now the Ambassador from PNG has come regularly and we have a Charged de Affair here in the country and this will be changed because we have our own Resident Ambassador and a fully fledged delegation to Solomon Islands, who will cover also Vanuatu from here in the very near future.”

He adds, once the ambassador arrives, direct contact for better operation in Solomon Islands between EU and the country will be intensified.

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