MPA for Ward 15 in Munda, Western Province Jane Tozaka. Photo: Courtesy of

MPA for Ward 15 in Munda, Western Province Jane Tozaka. Photo: Courtesy of

The Government has a responsibility and an obligation to educate women, says the only woman member in the Western Provincial Assembly, Jane Tozaka.

The Provincial Assembly Member made the statement in her keynote address at the International Women’s Day celebrations in Honiara today.

Mrs Tozaka said women are longing for education, and the few who succeeded worked hard against great odds.

She said women’s simplicity and humbleness in the lives they shape and those of their own families, or other sectors are equally important because they become great mothers and leaders in areas of responsibility.

Mrs Tozaka also called on the Government to educate women at all education levels, either formal or non-formal because women have the right to be educated.

She adds women need to be educated because it is transformative, and education is not just boost about incomes and economies.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “Women’s Empowerment works for men, too, Where Men and Women have Equal Rights and opportunities, Societies Prosper”.

International Women’s Day is a day to promote the participation of women as equal partners with men in achieving sustainable development, peace, security, and full respect for human rights.

Meanwhile, the only woman politician in Western Province says, observing the International Women’s Day is a time to give a wake-up call to the leaders of the country of women’s issues and needs.

“I see the organisation and commemoration of such events like the International Women’s Day as helping to keep the momentum to give women a chance to know what is in store for them and also to give our leaders a wake-up call, especially in our country where men really dominates the higher levels of decision making bodies.”

Jane Tozaka says an issue for women is the need to be recognized and participate equally with men in decision making.

“And I think one of the needs of women currently is the need to be recognised to be placed alongside men or taking part and participating in decision making, because as we know as women we can also have very good ideas and without these ideas being put together with men’s ideas it will be biased. And with women working with men, am sure that will really give some progress in the affairs of our country going forward,” said Mrs Tozaka.

The International Women’s Day celebrations started off early this morning with a parade from the Honiara City Council to Art Gallery, where activities are held to commemorate the day.

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