The Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

The Makira Ulawa Provincial flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

Two Ministers of the Democratic Coalition for Change Government are in Kirakira to attend the Makira Ulawa Province’s 32 Second Appointed Day which has been shifted to Friday.

They are the Minister of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening, David Tome and the Minister of Peace, National Unity and Reconciliation, Samson Maneka who are accompanied by their Permanent Secretaries and officials.

Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Andrew Muaki and Peace Officer, Anglican Priest Father John Paterson Ngalihesi represent the Prime Minister’s Office in the event.

Also attending the event are members of the Solomon Islands Post-Conflict Reconciliation Restoration Association – Joseph Sangu of the Guadalcanal SIPCRRA and Moses Su’u of the Malaita SIPCRRA.

Meanwhile, it is planned Mr. Sangu and Mr. Su’u will today ask for forgiveness on behalf of their members from two Melanesian Brothers (Tasius) from Makira and their relatives for the injuries inflicted on them by Guadalcanal militants in the ethnic tension more than a decade ago.

They will also ask for forgiveness on behalf of their SIPCRRA members from the relatives of a third Makira man who died in the hands of Guadalcanal militants at the start of the ethnic tension.

This is part of the government’s National Healing and Apology Programme.

The Deputy Premier of Makira-Ulawa Province, Hypolite Taremae, the two Ministers and their officials will also witness the apology ceremonies in three separate venues.

Yesterday, Honiara delegates were given a traditional welcome on arrival at the Kirakira Airport.

And preparations are truly underway to ensure the celebrations of the Makira Ulawa 32 Second Appointed Day tomorrow are successful.

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