The Ministry of Finance and Treasury. Photo credit: GCU.

The Ministry of Finance and Treasury. Photo credit: GCU.

The National Government and its development partners have rolled out the National Statistics Development Strategy (NSDS) project.

The NSDS aims to provide a fully responsive systematic sector-wide mechanism that generates regular and consistent supply of statistics, data and information to steer government policies and plans to reach meaningful goals.
Steve Maitani of the project says the 20 years plan is expected to collect and analyse statistical data from Government Ministries to formulate and implement its National Statistics Development Strategy.

He explains, the phases of the project as follows.

“It has almost five stages to assess the national statistics system, like what information are already in place and what information needs to be collected from other ministries. Stage three includes what the project’s vision will resemble as well as how we can formulate and prioritise what the action plans for each ministry are towards data collection while stage five will involve its implementation status.”

Mr Maitani says the Government now realise the significant role of statistics in policy formulation, national planning, decision-making, and in informing development strategies in service delivery and poverty reduction.

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