Overlooking Suava Bay. Photo credit:

Overlooking Suava Bay. Photo credit:

A government team consisting officials from Ministries involved in implementing development projects on Malaita has successfully ended a scoping mission to Suava Bay and Bina Harbour project sites this week.

The mission includes site assessments and consultations with the Provincial Government and landowning tribes and to inform parties on the DCC Government’s commitment to start the projects this year.

The team will use the information gathered to map out a way forward on how the government will develop the projects.

Team Leader and National Consultant of Commerce Martin Housanau says the reports will form the basis for the next plan of action by the government which eagerly wants to see the projects designed and executed as early as possible.

Mr Housanau adds the DCC Government is committed to putting priority on developments in Malaita during its first four years.

The team returned to Honiara Thursday this week.

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