Flood aftermath up at the Guadalcanal Plains. Photo credit: SIBC.

Flood aftermath up at the Guadalcanal Plains. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Government through the National Disaster Management Office, NDMO, will not provide “cash support” to people affected by the recent flooding but will provide materials and other tools to help people rebuild their homes and restart their livelihoods.

Chairman of the National Disaster Council, Dr Melchior Mataki made this clarification in response to unfortunate rumors circulating in evacuation centers this week regarding “cash support” for those who choose to remain in evacuation centres.

Dr. Mataki says, these are very damaging rumors, and do not want people to have false expectations.

He warns, any information regarding flood assistance should only be obtained from the NDMO and relevant officials.

Dr. Mataki says, experience has shown that distributing cash is often not the best option, as cash can easily be abused.

He adds, humanitarian support which the NDMO is doing now – is the most effective form of support and the best way to make sure people are getting the assistance they most need.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Management Office, NDMO, is working on plans to repatriate victims of the recent flash floods sheltering in evacuation centres.

A statement from the Government Media Unit today confirms, the repatriation plan is to allow schools, which are used as evacuation centers to resume classes.

The statement adds, the plan is also to assist the displaced people return to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

SIBC News understands NDMO and its humanitarian agency partners are currently providing humanitarian assistance to victims.

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