Honiara City Lord Mayor Alfrence Fatai. Photo credit: SIBC.

Honiara City Lord Mayor Alfrence Fatai. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Honiara City Council will enforce its seven metre by-law within the streets of Honiara beginning February 1st.

In an interview with SIBC News Honiara City Mayor Alfrence Fatai says the seven metre by-law comes under littering by-law.

Mr Fatai says, the law requires all property owners to be responsible for all rubbish within seven metres of their business properties.

“This seven metre by-law also comes under the littering by-law but it will specifically require all property owners within the City to be responsible for looking after their areas and making sure that their areas are properly cleaned and the waste stored in proper bins. That is what this by-law means.”

He says failing the new law will result in a $10,000 on the spot fine.

Mr Fatai explains, if the fine is not paid, the council will charge the property owner $50.00 every day as long as the rubbish is not collected and properly disposed.

“Anyone found guilty of breaching this by-law will be penalised and the fine will be a $10,000.00 at the spot. If people refuse to pay that, then we’ll charge them $50.00 per day so as to ensure they remove their refuse and keep their property surroundings clean and tidy.”

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