HCC organizes clean up ahead of 46th Independence celebrations

HCC organizes clean up ahead of 46th Independence celebrations


By Alfred Pagepitu

The Honiara City Council (HCC) is asking all residents of Honiara to participate in a general clean-up tomorrow.

The clean up is part of preparing Honiara City clean ahead of the 3 day Independence celebration from Saturday until Monday.

Speaking at a media conference today Deputy City Clerk, Jefferson Patovaki calls on Honiara residents to take part in the general clean up.

“This message is going out to all of us who reside here in Honiara City to come out in numbers for a general clean-up.”

“I would like to appeal to the general public because this clean-up is in preparation for the 46th Independence Anniversary celebration to be held in Honiara,” he said.

HCC Deputy City Clerk, Jefferson Patovaki

Patovaki explained that the HCC staff will take half a day off from their normal duties tomorrow to join other government line ministries in this clean-up session.

“The message we at the HCC would like to convey is that we want everybody to participate in this clean-up,” Patovaki said.

He mentioned that the timing for the public to come out in numbers is up to them.

Patovaki asked the public to heap the collected rubbish close to the road so that the HCC’s compactor trucks and rubbish collectors can easily pick it up.

The focus area of clean up is at the front of the city, but this time, the council wants the surrounding communities, especially those on the outskirts of the town, to also clean up their areas.

“The emphasis the Council would like to deliver is that we need to clean our community for a safe and clean environment while celebrating our 26th Independence day, so that the environment is conducive for all of us to celebrate our special day,” Patovaki said.

He stressed that it would not be comfortable to celebrate the country’s independence if the environment is not conducive, as it is our national day, and we should take pride in it as Solomon Islanders.

“So, let us all clean the front of the City and the back of the City for a clean environment,” Patovaki concluded.


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