HCC to enforce ‘litter ordinance’ next week



A common site in Honiara.

The Honiara City Council Environmental and Health division will enforce its litter ordinance within the next three weeks.

As part of the enforcement exercise, HCC will collaborate with Youth at work, and Friends of the City to carry out litter awareness this week in various parts of Honiara.

Chief Health inspector George Titiulu said the litter ordinance enforcement would start next week, where HCC officers will inspect buildings around the city and asses the contents of litter surrounding their compounds.

He said under the ordinance, an individual, or company was liable to face fines from $1000 to $10,000.

“Under this ordinance, there are different categories , one is called ‘Minor Litter’ this is when you throw a but of cigarette, small plastics or a tin can on the street, the other category is ‘Major Litter’ this is when there’s too much rubbish a bin, and the bin can’t handle it,” he said.

“The penalties for the offences are also different, for minor litter the fine is $1000, and major litter is $10,000.”

Mr Titiulu added officers will be giving out notices to people or business houses if they fail to comply with the ordinance.


“What the team will do is that once people fail to comply with the notices, authorized officers will follow up on them and ensure that they will be taken to court,” he said.

“Under the provision of the litter ordinance, there are two sections, one is instant offences , and the other is notice offences, if you dont comply and fail to pay the fines, there is a additional $50 fine each day.”

By: Lowen Sei. 


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