Health salutes Malango Association of SSEC Churches and West Honiara Dorcas for providing food supplies to NRH

Health stands in great salutation towards the continuous unwavering and steadfast support of the churches and their Faith Based Organizations (FBO) towards the various work of health, from roll out of health programs and projects to caring for the sick.

Last week NRH was very blessed with the delivery of food supplies such as  Kumara or Cassava, vegetables, fruits, dry coconuts, banana, meat sausages, rice, chicken and fish provided by the Malango Association of South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) churches that comprised of eight (8) local churches in Malango, Guadalcanal and Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Dorcas of West Honiara.

Malango Association of SSEC churches with food supplies . Photo Supplied

Pastor Nathan Gideon of the Malango Association of SSEC Churches explained that God has been so good to our country and people ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in January and this is reflected through the work of health workers and many others combating the virus thus the giving is simply our thanksgiving in honour to God of his workings through these individuals for our country.

West Honiara Dorcas with vegetable food supplies donated to the NRH. Photo Supplied 

Ellen Anikwai SDA West Honiara Dorcas Leader, also expressed similar sentiments that the food supplies provided to sick patients at NRH is an act of worship to God for his love and care for our people. “Twice every year we allocate time and budget to mobilize food supplies for the hospital and this month is our first for this year. Next one will be in the fourth quarter of 2022. It is part of our work as Dorcas to help those who need it including caring for the sick. Thus, we are very pleased to help in this regard” said the Ellen.

MHMS Senior Executive Management is very grateful to the Malango Association of SSEC churches and the West Honiara Seventh Day Adventist – Dorcas for the food supplies provided.

“It is common that at times we also face shortage in supplies due to our suppliers not being able to meet the demand on time, as on average 200 patients are admitted per day  including the same number of relatives or caregivers thus hospital makes around 400 feeds per meal time for three (3) time a day. Therefore such support will greatly help us to maintain food stock and supplies at our kitchen. On behalf of our sick patients and staff a very big thank you to these two groups for the support rendered”, said Dr George Malefoasi, Chief Executive of NRH.

Overall health would like to thank all the churches for their prayer support, proactiveness in various ways from supporting health with dissemination of key health messages to the public and actively mobilizing communities for health programs and projects to directly offering support in terms of food, pastoral visits to patients and staff.

-MHMS Press

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