Hefty fines or imprisonment for breaching lockdown order

Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau

Ten thousand dollars and five years imprisonment is the penalty for breaching this week’s total lockdown.

A total lockdown is schedualed for 6pm this coming Wednesday to 6am Friday within the Honiara Emergency Zone, (Poha to Alligator Creek).

Attorney General, Jonh Muria Junior said, the penalty can be both.

“The penalty of breaching the lockdown oder is ten thousand dollars fine and five years imprisonment or both.”

Meanwhile, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) appeals to all citizens living within the Emergency Zone from Poha, west of Honiara to Alligator Creek, east of Honiara to observe the full lockdown protocals.

“This is going to be a 36-hour lockdown. It will NOT be an exercise as an Order will be issued making it law. Officers of the RSIPF will arrest anyone who contravene the Order,” says Acting Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau.

Mr. Mangau added, “During the 36-hour lockdown, no one will be allowed to leave their residence. All businesses will be closed during that period. No vessels including OBMs will be allowed to leave or arrive at the Honiara port after 6pm on Wednesday 20 May 2020 until after 6 am Friday 22 May 2020.”

Mr. Mangau said, special exemption is only for the essential services including:

• Health workers;
• Police officers;
• Officers of the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO);
• Ambulance officers;
• Staff of the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation and all FM stations in Honiara;
• Officers of the Central Bank of Solomon Islands and other Banks; and
• Staff of the utility companies including SIWA, SIEA, Solomon Telekom and B-Mobile.

The emergency services include:
• Health workers
• Police Officers
• Officers of NDMO
• Red Cross Officers
• Officers of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development
• Officers of the Ministry of Finance; and
• Officers of the Maritime Services

Acting Commissioner Mangau calls on those who are not an officer of the essential or emergency services have to apply for an exemption from the Police Operation Centre (POC) at the Rove Police Headquarters before 6pm on Wednesday 20 May 2020.

“Any exemption during the last curfew in April is not valid for this lockdown. You have to reapply for a new exemption,” Acting Commissioner Mangau emphasises.

The Police Operation Centre (POC) can be contacted on the following telephones:
• 27891;
• 27893;
• 27895; and
• Toll free line 999

POC email: RSIPF-CORONAVIRUS@rsipf.gov.sb

Should there be any life threatening emergency situayion, everyone is encouraged to approach any nearest police check point.

The police checkpoints are; Poha River, White River, Rove, Honiara City Council Roundabout; Kukum Roundabout, Ranadi Roundabout, Lungga Bridge and Alligator Creek.

Six compliance teams will be patrolling areas outside of the checkpoints.

by Charley Piringi

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