Head of USP's Pasifika Voices Igelese Ete. Photo credit: Australian Pavilion.

Head of USP’s Pasifika Voices Igelese Ete. Photo credit: Australian Pavilion.

The inaugural High School Choral Festival planned for next week is targeting high school students as they are in an age group that is vulnerable to teenage problems.

Head of Pasifika Voices, Igelese Ete says the event next month aims to inspire as well as guide the students to realise their identity.

“It would be a good time to remind them of who they are, their identity, where they want to go, give them options, but also you know, acknowledge them and really encourage them and we find also that suicide is a big attribute that comes through when they’re around that age through relationships, they get discouraged and feel that life is not worth living for and we feel like this is a great chance that we come in and say listen, you know, whatever you’re going through, the hardships in life you can achieve, you can overcome and even I have experience where we had rehearsals for productions where a young person emailed me like seven years later saying “thank you so much for that rehearsal, I was going to commit suicide, but when I came and we sing these songs and I felt like life is worth living for.”

He adds, music is one most powerful tool that we often take for granted when in fact it can create change in young people’s lives.

The High School Choral Festival will start on 8th July in Honiara.

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