Head of USP's Pasifika Voices Igelese Ete. Photo credit: Australian Pavilion.

Head of USP’s Pasifika Voices Igelese Ete. Photo credit: Australian Pavilion.

The first ever High School Choral Festival, which started on Tuesday this week, at the National Auditorium in Honiara stages its final show in the capital this evening.

Annually held in Fiji, it is in the country this year with the theme “Powerful Beyond Measure”, and with the message that young people in the pacific can positively impact their society.

Head of Pasifika Voices, Igelese Ete said being the first in Solomon Islands, the high school choral festival is helping to inspire youths in a more positive way.

“So what we’re basically trying to do is through all the songs we sing, we don’t just sing them, we really ask them to think about the words, how can we utilise those words, how can we engrained and integrate it into our lives as well. So the songs we sing, what you’ll hear next week, are songs that will really inspire, really empower and really uplift the people, and that’s one of the main tools we utilise as the repertoire and the songs and the music.”

He added, they are performing songs from Solomon Islands as well as songs from other pacific islands countries.

“And they’re not only just that they are music from different countries but we mainly also focus on Pacific music. We’re doing a Solomon Islands song from the Western Province from one of the composers who is a Solomon Islander, Calvin Rore and then we’re doing a Samoan song, we’re doing a Tongan song, so what we’re trying to do is affirm the Pacific saying that the Pacific can produce amazing music as we know.”

SIBC News understands, Pasifika Voices from the University of the South Pacific, Pasifika Events and the Solomon Voices are collaborated together to organise the event.

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