The Honiara Central Market. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Honiara Central Market. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Honiara City Council has officially launched a new law and a ‘Healthy Central Market’ Project to declare the main market as free from tobacco, betel nut and alcohol.

The new law prohibits the sale and consumption of tobacco products, betel nut and alcohol at the market.

Launched yesterday, Minister for Health and Medical Services Charles Sigoto said the campaign seeks to create a new friendly market atmosphere .

Minister Sigoto also said the Ministry, the Honiara City Council and the World Health Organization will re-model the Central Market setting.

This will include allocating proper areas to sell food, proper facilities for market vendors, and installing water and sanitation services such as public toilets.

The Minister says this approach is to promote healthy living conditions and lifestyles on market settings.

“The healthy settings approach refers to an approach on promoting the health of the whole communities. The primary focus is on creating and maintaining healthy living conditions and associated lifestyles across the settings. Directing attention to the structural and organisation changes and development including health-related¬†behaviour of each individual.”

The project is worth 20-thousand US dollars and is supported by the World Health Organization.

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