Honorable Filualea aids North Malaita Football Association with $25,000

Honorable Filualea aids North Malaita Football Association with $25,000

Member of Parliament (MP) for North Malaita Constituency, Honorouble Senley Levi Filualea has handed over $25,000 support to the North Malaita Football Association on the 8th November 2023.

The assistance was facilitated by the North Malaita Constituency Office.

This funding is the second tranch of support of $25,000.00 to North Malaita Football Association. The first tranch of $27,000.00 was delivered at the start of the association’s programs.

Speaking during a small handover ceremony, Hon Filualea said he is delighted to have the support delivered in accomplishment of the aims and objectives of the Constituency office and the North Malaita Football Association.

He said in times like this, it is not easy for the office to secure funds to support this program. However, the association is fortunate to have the Constituency funding available.

Hon. Filualea with a good heart is also thankful for the other support received by the association from other donors from North Malaita region. He said such a combined effort can move things forward.

He further pointed that it would be his greatest regret should there is nothing delivered to his people.

In response, the President of North Malaita Football Association Mr. Roy Enorii made his acknowledgement to the Office of the North Malaita Constituency and Hon. Filualea.

Mr. Enorii said that he is appreciative for the support received.

“Such support had enabled the association’s program to eventuate successfully. The support has also shaped the behaviors of the youths of the communities involved to be acceptable as it harmonizes with society settings.”

The ward 8 football and netball leagues will be closing on Satruday 11th November 2023. A prize presentation will also be conducted on the same date. Ward 7 football and netball leagues will have their closing at a later date as they are yet to complete their seasons.

Meanwhile, Ward 9 in North Malaita Constituency had no league season held as there were no sporting facilities available for use. –ENDS//

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