New Cervical cancer vaccine launched


A young school girl getting the first vaccination today.

The Ministry of health and medical services has launched the new Human papilloma virus in Honiara today in a bid to battle cervical cancer in the country.

The new vaccine is safe and is approved by the World Health Organisation and has already been used by countries around the Pacific region, like Fiji and Australia.

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer related deaths for females in the country.

The new vaccine will be distributed to clinics, schools, and communities around the country, and will be given to girls only from the ages of ten to fourteen years, where ten young girls from White River school in Honiara were the first to be vaccinated today.

The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health Ms Pauline Mcneil said the introduction of the new vaccine showed the government’s commitment to the health of women in the country.

“HPV vaccine will be provided free of charge, safe , efficient , and do not affect the ability of children to have children in the future,” she said.

“Today’s event is an important milestone in the history of the country to join the fight against cervical cancer in the region and the world.”

Ms Mcneil said over 200 nurses around the country had been trained to distribute the vaccine and encouraged parents to get their daughters vaccinated.

“This vaccination is a big investment, not only in health but for our future generation, our campaign will start in Honiara , Guadalcanal, western province, and later to other parts of the country.

By: Lowen Sei.

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