Huge crowd marches through Honiara to condemn murders

The crowd at the end of the march yesterday

The crowd at the end of the march yesterday

A massive crowd marched through the streets of Honiara on Sunday to condemn the Easter weekend murder of Chinese Solomon Islanders Jimmy and Joy Kwan, whilst calling for peace in the capital.

It is estimated about 1000 people attended the march – organised by Forum Solomon Islands International – which started at the Art Gallery and finished at the site of the murder, the LGZ Building, at Town Ground.

FSII chief executive Benjamin Afuga told SIBC’s Distaem Nao program this morning the march was about Solomon Islanders rising up to make sure it remained a peaceful nation.

“The theme of the march was the to stop the killing and make Honiara killing free,”Mr Afuga said. “And for people to let others know that it is not acceptable.”

“They were murdered in their own home, and that is not acceptable. And there were two other killing in the country and that weekend. It’s time that society rises up, so we can live in peace.”

The rally yesterday

The rally yesterday

Representatives from Honiara’s Chinese community also called on the public to stop spreading rumours about the Easter murder of the couple, who of Chinese origin but had lived in the Solomon Islands for 20 years.






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