Inland Revenue Division employee charged with corruption

Dollars. Photo credit: SIBC.

An IRD employee has been charged with corrpution. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Royal Solomon Island Police Force has arrested and charged an Inland Revenue Division (IRD) employee for two counts of official corruption.

According to Police Media reports, the arrest followed a search warrant executed at the IRD office in Honiara and at the employee’s residential address this week by Police and Ministry of Finance and Treasury officers.

It was alleged the IRD officer had solicited discounts, payments and bribes in lieu of offering to unlawfully remit a company’s tax liabilities.

This is the fourth arrest by Task Force JANUS since its inception.

Inland Revenue Commissioner Joseph Dokekana said he was disappointed that the IRD officer had breached his position of trust and acted outside the IRD’s values.

Mr Dokekana said he was pleased the company did not accede to the accused demands and that the unlawful behaviour was reported and investigated.

He said it was a good example of how the private and the public sector could work together to stamp out corrupt business practices- sending a clear message to those involved in such behaviour.

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