Internal socialization and implementation of the Education Act 2023 underway

Internal socialization and implementation of the Education Act 2023 underway


The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) on Thursday 7, March 2024 continued its series of internal socialization of the Education Act 2023 accompanied with other subordinate documents.

The first series of internal socialization this year targeted the Directors, Managers, Chief Officers, Heads of Divisions and members of the Senior Management Team.

The sessions covered Education Regulations, Education Funding Code, Administrative Instructions 1: Provincial Coordination, Administrative Instruction 2: Education Provider and Administrative Instruction 3: School Board and Communities.

In setting the scene for the internal socialization, the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Franco Rodie explained the legal basis of the Education Regulations 2024, the relationship between the Education Act 2023 and the Education Regulation 2024, and the purpose of the Education Regulations and its applications.

Permanent Secretary Dr. Franco Rodie setting the scene for the internal socialization and implementation of the Education Act 2023.

Adding to the PS Rodie’s presentation, Manager Education Provider Coordination and Improvement, Ali Kiko went through with the MEHRD officials, Administrative Instruction 1: Provincial Coordination, and Administrative 2: Education Provider.

A total of six Administration Instructions have been developed to support the implementation of the Act, and include; (1) Provincial Education Coordination, (2) Education Providers, (3) School Boards and School Communities, (4) Schools, (5) Early Childhood Education Centres and (6) Teachers and Leaders.

These are instruments to support the implementation of the Education Act 2023.

The key highlights of the socialization workshop on the Admirative Instructions highlighted the key roles of MEHRD, and functions, responsibilities and standards of the new bodies that are to be established such as Provincial Education Coordinating Office, Provincial Education Provider Office and Provincial Education Board.

There was also a session that focused on the functions of the School Board and Communities, membership and other requirements under the new Education Law.

The second series of internal socialization continue on Friday 8, March 2024 targeting the MEHRD Senior Officers.

The MEHRD internal socialization workshops on the Education Legislation Framework will continue on Monday 11, March 2024 and will cover Administrative Instruction 4: Schools, Administrative Instructions 5: Early Childhood, Administrative Instructions 6: Teachers and Leaders and Education (Learning Framework and Senior Education Certificates Scheme).

It is anticipated that with the completion of the internal socialization workshops MEHRD officers would be prepared well to socialize the Act to education partners, stakeholders, Education Providers, Teachers, Schools, ECE center’s and the community.



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