Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) under the leadership of Premier Lawrence Hayward has in its development priorities the desire to retain the lease title of Binaboli Resthouse at Kukum.

Binaboli Resthouse is situated next to the Kukum clinic and is known for providing accommodation for people living in the Provinces and on short visits to Honiara.

Premier Hayward echoed IPG’s development priorities to Prime Minister honorable Jeremiah Manele MP, during a courtesy call made by the Premier today at the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC).

Premier Hayward stated that it is the wish of IPG to retain the lease of Binaboli and develop the land on which the resthouse is currently sitting on.

Hayward informed the Prime Minister that the IPG’s previous lease agreement over Binaboli Resthouse was expire in 2015.

The Premier further added that his government also seek to retain the Perpetual Estate (PE) Title of the Fera Island.

The Fera Island is adjacent to Isabel Province’s main center of Buala, and it hosts an airstrip. An ideal place for tourism development.

Premier Hayward further informed the Prime Minister that his government wants to retain the PE title of Haevo land as well.

The Premier also offer Allardyce land to the government for any national projects, citing that the land is nine times bigger than Honiara and has the potential to host a second major city besides Honiara.

Premier Lawrence Hayward urged Prime Minister to ensure the revenue sharing bill is finalized and tabled in parliament as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele stressed that infrastructure development is important for the Province. Adding that road across the island is an option that can be explored.

In the promotion of public private partnership, the Prime Minister encouraged IPG to work with logging companies to explore the possibility of connecting roads across the island.

PM Manele further pointed out that the call for infrastructure development is more pronounced given the progress towards attainment of statehood.

The Prime Minister informed the Premier that the issues of Fera Island and Haevo land will be pursued with the Ministry of Lands and Survey.

PM Manele further informed Premier Hayward that government through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MALD) will work to take off the ground the cattle project at Garanga.

The Prime Minister encouraged Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) to approach all development partners to promote their development priorities.

PM Manele also encouraged IPG to work on tapping the benefits of having sister relationship with China’s Province of Shandong.

Premier Hayward, the Provincial Secretary of IPG, Norman Hiropuhi and other Provincial Officials will stay in Honiara for two weeks during which time they will pay courtesy calls on various stakeholders.


-OPMC Press Release 

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