First ever Isabel Audio Bible App launched

Gao Bugotu MP, Hon. Samuel Manetoali, Program Coordinator, Catherine Gnochro, and a SITAG Representative displaying the app. Photo: Supplied.

The Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group today launched the Bugotu New Testament Audio Bible App in Honiara.

The new app can be accessed on regular phones and Smartphones using a memory card available at SITAG.

Program Coordinator, Catherine Gnochro said the initiative was for the Bugotu people to access and read the Bible and prayer books in their mother tongue.

Gnochro said the app was unique, assisting communities understand and learn more about their language in different forms- reading, watching videos and listening to songs.

“In the past we used to just read our Bugotu language on the Bible,” she said.

“Now you can read and hear it on your mobile phones, with the app.”

SIBC understands that there will be another launching in Isabel province, where they will be traveling out to villages speaking the Bugotu dialect.

By: Charlie Salini. 





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