Isabel Chief, Didymus Kikolo queries forestry funds. Photo: University of Queensland.

Isabel Chief, Didymus Kikolo queries forestry funds. Photo: the University of Queensland.

Chief Didymus Kikolo of Samasodu Village in Hogirano, Katova, Kia and Havulei Constituency, Isabel Province has questioned the delay of last year’s forest rehabilitation funds.

Chief Kikolo told SIBC news today, more than 300 forest growers in the constituency are yet to receive the funds from their member of Parliament Hon.Selwyn Ruimana and his Constituency Development Officer, CDO, Edwin Iro.

He said, the government had released the funds to all constituencies towards the end of last year.

Chief Kikolo made this comment after the Forestry Ministry advised him to check with the MP and his CDO as the Ministry has already released the funds to them last year.

“I queried the Ministry of Forestry about the funds only last week on Monday, but Honourable Selwyn Riumana and his CDO Edwin Ero has already received the funds, as confirmed to me by the ministry. So my question is where did they left the money?”, he asked.

SIBC News understands the funding assistance is part of the Government’s current reforestation program.

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