The Isabel Provincial flag. Photo credit: Isabel Province.

The Isabel Provincial flag. Photo credit: Isabel Province.

The Isabel Community in Honiara will commemorate the Isabel 2nd Appointed Day in Honiara tomorrow.

Chairlady of the Isabel Honiara Committee for the Isabel Second Appointed Day Lensa Magiza calls on Isabel people living in Honiara to join the celebration tomorrow morning at the Art Gallery grounds.

“I want to ask us Isabelians to support each other despite few of us gathering together is so important so that we can remember our Second Appointed Day because we have been looked after by both the National and Provincial Governments, and have put these days aside for us to honor, especially our province. Hence I’d like to ask our good people to please come along.”

Mrs Magiza also called on their three representatives in parliament to attend tomorrow’s event.

“I’d also like to ask our MPs for Maringe Kokota, Gao Bugotu and Hograno Kia to come and attend the event as we are inviting you to be part of the program, to come and see our people, as we often have only one or either of you attending organised events as such, so now I am asking all three MPs to come and attend this event to see what is going on and be part of it as Isabelians.”

SIBC News understands, the Isabel Provincial Assembly will also celebrate the event at the Provincial Headquarters in Buala.

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