Some of the arms that were destroyed. Photo credit:

Some of the arms that were destroyed. Photo credit:

A local farmer has questioned the progress of the issue regarding legally acquired firearms destroyed during the Ethnic tension period.

Stephen Pita, a North Malaita farmer says before his legally bought rifle was destroyed in 2003, he had received threats from the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, RAMSI, that he will pay a $100,000 fine or spend 10 years in prison if he failed to comply.

Mr Pita says he was also promised cash payment as compensation if RAMSI destroy his rifle.

He questions RAMSI and the government if the issue is being swept underneath the carpet.

Mr Pita explains, simple and often neglected issues matter more to the rural people than the huge government policies.

The farmer reiterates, he bought his rifle legally like many rifle owners and only used for food hunting as well as kill predators such as crocodiles.

He says the government must speak out on the progress of the whole issue as a number of his friends have passed on in the long waiting process.

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