Japanese Ambassador pays courtesy visit to SINU

The Solomon Islands National University (SINU) today received a courtesy visit from the Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands, His Excellency (H.E) Miwa Yoshiaki. 

Japanese & SINU Delegation (Photo Eliza Kukutu)

SINU Vice Chancellor Dr Jack Maebuta welcomes H.E Yoshiaki to the university grounds and acknowledged him for paying them a visit.  

Your excellency, we would like to thank you for availing your time to pay us a visit. It has been quite a long time since SINU received diplomatic dignitaries on its campuses.

Dr Maebuta highlights the university’s strategic development plan for 2021 – 2025 which is focused on recognizing the learning of the students.  

“We are currently implementing SINU’s development aspirations – guided by the strategic plan,” Mr Maebuta says. 

He points out that due to the covid-19 pandemic which restricts students from traveling overseas for studies, SINU is currently struggling to accommodate a high number of students enrolling at the university for studies.

“The importance of having proper and much needed infrastructure is one of the university’s top priorities,” Mr Maebuta adds. 

In acknowledging SINU for their warm welcome, H.E Yoshiaki noted the university’s need to provide quality education for its students.

He says Japan has long been investing in its human resources as the country’s natural resources are depleting.

Since 100 years ago, the Japanese government has been investing heavily in its human resources which greatly helped in developing the country’s economy.”

H.E. Yoshiaki also noted SINU’s need to provide its students with highly qualified teaching staff.

The Japanese Ambassador tours all three SINU campuses in Honiara during his visit today. 

By Sharon Nanau

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