Joint Border Committee Meeting


A joint border committee meeting has started in Gizo, Western province today.

Held between government agencies of Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, the talks involved reviewing of existing agreements reached by the Joint Border Committee of Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Director of Government Communications, George Herming reporting from Gizo said,
“The joint border committee meeting currently underway in Gizo, Western province was officially opened this morning by the Premier of Western province, Hon. David Gina who has called on the joint border committee to seriously consider and prioritise the reconciliation and reparation for those who were being affected at our border between Bougainville and Solomon Islands so that’s the major issue he has highlighted in his remarks while opening the talks”.

Mr. Herming also outlines the agreements to be reviewed during the three-day joint border talks.

“The agreements include the basic agreement on border arrangements between Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands; Sovereignty, Maritime and Seabed boundaries; Administration of Special Areas; the review of the Memorandum of Understanding on joint border Surveillance and Administration, so if officials improve on or further review these agreements and are sastisfied with the outcomes then both countries will work on policies implementation frameworks”.

By Rickson Jordan Bau

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