Old nativity christian Christmas wallpapers. Photo credit:

Old nativity Christian Christmas wallpapers. Photo credit:

As the festive season draws closer, Kiu community in West Are’are, Malaita Province is gearing up for a series of church programs as part of celebrating this Christmas and New Year’s festive season.

Pastor Ezekiel from Kiu told SIBC News in an interview today they are planing four programs, with the first one to start on Christmas Eve.

He says their church leadership has decided to organize the festivities.

“The church leadership we are organizing a celebration for this Christmas and New Year season so we draw up a program consisting of four activities lined up for this year’s Christmas and New year celebrations and the first program will start on Christmas Eve and will continue until Christmas day.”

The Pastor says activities on Christmas day will also include discussions on the theme “The Way Forward for the Community”.

“Activities for 25th December will be choirs and testimonies as well as a sermon on God’s word to the people and we will also discuss the topic “The Way Forward” for this community which is the theme of our discussion.”

Pastor Ezekiel adds such programs can keep the community together as well as have positive impacts on the lives of youth in the community.

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