Kukum clinic to open late starting this month


Pacific Casino Hotel staff cleaning in front of the Kukum clinic

The Honiara City Council plans to launch extended hours at its Kukum clinic later this month.

Logistical issues and other problems stalled previous attempts to introduce the initiative, but head of nursing Harvest Miapule said the city council is now aiming for February 19 as the start date.

Mr Miapule said he hopes the plan can be implemented after a meeting next Wednesday.

Once the extended hours take effect, the Kukum clinic will offer health services during the day and stay open until 10:30pm.

“We will continue from 4pm to 10:30 by doubling the shift,” Mr Miapule said. “Then we will observe how people come in after normal hours.”

The city council plans to offer extended hours at other clinics in Honiara in the future.

By Fred Osifelo

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